We Offer a Wide Range Of Calorimeters, Thermal conductivity Apparatus, Latent Heat of Steam, Metal & Wood Cubes , Convection in Air and water, Expansion of Metal & Liquids, Ring Ball, Bar Gauge, Boyle's Law and Charles Law etc.Spectrometers, Spectroscopes, Traveling Microscopes, Telescopes, Binoculars, Overhead Projectors, Epidiascope, Optical Benches, Light Boxes, Ray Track Apparatus, and Lenses & Prisms made of glass as well as acrylic plastic, Optical Fiber Kits, Laser Kits, Lox Meters, Spectrum Tubes, X-Ray Tubes & Guesser Tubes etc.

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Physics Lab Equipments - Physics Instruments India, Physics Instruments Exporters, Physics Instruments Suppliers. Physics Instruments Manufacturer Ambala.

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Chemistry Lab Equipments - Chemistry Instruments India, Instruments Exporters, Chemistry Instruments Suppliers. Chemistry Instruments Manufacturers Ambala.

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Biology Lab Equipments - Biology Instruments India, Biology Instruments Exporters, Biology Instruments Suppliers. Biology Instruments Manufacturer-prismandenses.com

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