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Mr. Pardeep Mittal


Established in 1963, is managed by a team of highly qualified engineers & scientists. We design & develop our instruments to suit customer's specifications fully adhering to BSS, DIN and ASTM standards. Quality at competitive Prices is our MOTTO. We believe in honesty and expects.

product range

  • heat
  • Calorimeters, Thermal conductivity Apparatus, Latent Heat of Steam, Metal & Wood Cubes , Convection in Air and water, Expansion of Metal & Liquids, Ring Ball, Bar Gauge, Boyle's Law and Charles Law etc.
  • mechanics
  • Single, double & triple pulleys, table clamping pulleys, Moment of Inertia, Co-efficient of Friction & Restitution, Parallelogram Law of Forces, Hooks Law, Young's Modulus, Inclined Planes, Mechanical Models showing the working of mechanisms, Linear Air Track Apparatus etc.
  • light
  • Spectrometers, Spectroscopes, Traveling Microscopes, Telescopes, Binoculars, Overhead Projectors, Epidiascope, Optical Benches, Light Boxes, Ray Track Apparatus, and Lenses & Prisms made of glass as well as acrylic plastic, Optical Fiber Kits, Laser Kits, Lox Meters, Spectrum Tubes, X-Ray Tubes & Guesser Tubes etc.
  • electricity
  • Rheostats; Resistance, Inductance & Capacitance boxes; Ammeters, Voltmeters & Galvanometers; Worcester Circuit Boards; Wheat stone Bridges, Potentiometers; Plugs and Keys; Dissectible Transformers, Power Supplies, Solenoids, Demonstration Dynamos, motors, bells , Tipper Tappet Timers, Oscilloscopes, Electronics Teaching Kits etc.
  • magnetism
  • Round, Cylindrical & Bar Magnets, Electro Magnets, Electric Tuning Forks, Induction Coils, Tunings forks & Resonance Boxes, Solo meters, Solenoids, Electromagnetic Balances, Demonstration Wave Machines etc.
  • biology
  • Medical Microscopes, Stereo (Dissecting ) Microscopes, Projection Microscopes, Charts, Specimens & Biological Slides, Micro tomes, Dissecting Sets & Trays, Models made out of Fiber Glass, Skeletons made of Plastic & FRGP etc.
  • chemistry
  • Glassware & Plasticware, Silica ware, Retort Clamps & Stands, Cork & Rubber Stoppers, Flask Cork Support Rings, Thermometers, Hygrometers, Hydrometers, Digital, Analytical & Triple Beam Balances, Filter Papers, Chromatography Filter Papers, Membrane Filters, Laboratory, Media & Bulk Chemicals, Antibiotic Discs, Burners, Rubber Tubing, Test Tube Stands made of Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Wood, Burettes & Pipettes etc.
  • heating equipments
  • Auto claves, Ovens, Incubators, Germinators, Centrifuges, Shaking Baths, Heating Mantles, Water Baths, HP Meters, Turbidity Meters, Spectrophotometers, Flame Photometers, Water Analysis Kits.

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